2019 Your year in review: Your meetings in numbers

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Beenote News, Infographic

Last Updated on 8 May 2021

The decade ends on a positive note at Beenote. We have summarized the year 2019 with interesting statistical data on your meetings.

This data allows us to offer you a product that meets your expectations and contributes to your team’s success.

Stay tuned, 2020 will have many new features, but above all, some wonderful surprises await you.

Thank you for trusting Beenote.

The entire Beenote team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020.

– Infographic Summary –

Your meetings in numbers

  • You have held more than 2600 meetings with Beenote
  • In more than 105 countries
  • Average length of meetings: 70 minutes
  • Favorite day to hold your meetings: Tuesday
  • Favorite day of absentees: Tuesday
  • Month you have the most meetings: #1 October, #2 September and #3 May
  • Month you have the fewest meetings: August

Your time spent in meetings

  • 234,000 planned hours
  • 182,000 hours actually spent in meetings
  • In total, 52,000 hours have been saved

14 hours/months have been added on your schedule with more efficient meetings with Beenote

We work hard to offer you a product that meets your needs.

In 2019, the Beenote team worked on:

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The Beenote team uses Beenote for its meetings.

In 2019:

  • Beenote is a small team of 6
  • We drank 612 coffees
  • We held 102 meetings
  • The most suitable day for holding our meetings is Monday
  • March and September are the months we hold the most meetings
  • We assigned 140 tasks in meetings
  • 55 minutes is the average length of our meetings

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