3 tips to integrate a new work team

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Teamwork

Last Updated on 18 May 2021

Starting a new job is not an easy task. When you get into a new company, you have to get used to new ways of working, to a new supervisor and also to new colleagues.

It is not always easy to integrate an existing team. Sometimes employees have known each other for several years and they have lived many things together. While it’s easy to integrate some teams, it sometimes takes a little more work to carve its place. Here are some techniques that will surely help you take your place and stop being “the new one”.

Eat With Your Colleagues

It is apparently really popular to eat alone in front of his computer. However, this practice is really bad for you. Studies have actually shown that people eat more when they are in front of their computer. So, it is not great for your waistline.

This habit also affects the atmosphere at work. By eating alone at your computer (looking at your Facebook feed, yes we know) you don’t get to know your colleagues and they don’t get to know you. You spend a lot of time at work during a week; it could be great to get to know a little more the people with whom you spend almost as much time as your family.

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Get Involved in Activities

Participate in the activities organized by your employer is a good way to develop a relationship with your colleagues. Do we invite you to a dinner at a restaurant? Accept the offer and take this as an opportunity to connect with the members of your team.

Do you want to do more? You could get involved in the organization of these activities! Feel free to offer your help and suggest ideas! Your colleagues will certainly appreciate your involvement.

Find Something in Common With Your Colleagues

You find yourself having to discuss with your colleagues and you are not sure what to talk about? Forget the traditional (and annoying) topics like weather or traffic. Instead, talk about the TV series you love or your favorite band.

Find things in common with your colleagues so you will be able to talk about the new episode of your favorite series or make a musical recommendation that could interest your colleague. An effective way to break the ice!

Of course, all your daily tasks also help you connect with your colleagues. Many projects require the collaboration of several team members, plan a meeting for example. That way, you can discover work techniques of your colleagues but also the tasks which they are responsible. You get to know them better.

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Il demeure cependant important de faire des efforts supplémentaires pour s’assurer de créer une ambiance de travail agréable. Vous pourriez, par exemple, faire découvrir de nouveaux outils à vos nouveaux collègues. Ça pourrait permettre de faciliter votre intégration en plus d’être une belle démonstration de vos aptitudes.

However, it remains important to make extra efforts to create a pleasant working atmosphere. You could, for example, shown new tools to your colleagues. It could help facilitate your integration in addition to being a good way to demonstrate your skills. Your challenge could be demonstrated how using Beenote to your teammates. Your meetings will be more efficient and you will get closer to your colleagues. Two birds with one stone!


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