Alternative to PowerPoint, 5 must-have FREE tools for a stunning presentation

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Productivity, Teamwork

Last Updated on 8 May 2021

I present you my list of essential apps to help you make your ordinary presentations to extraordinary. Of course, Beenote is your main tool for preparing your entire meeting, but there are must-have apps to discover and use in order to have a visually stunning presentation.

Design for Dummies: Canva

Personally, I use Canva to design beautiful images and use them in various media: social media, corporate brochures, business cards and so on. In this case, your imagination is your own limit.

There is a variety of starting options that you can use as-is or modify as you wish to depend on the branding of your company. The presentation template is particularly interesting for your meetings in order to quickly prepare a presentation with a hellish look, with no graphics and technical knowledge.

Try Canva

THE Photo Editor: Pixlr

Nowadays, we do not need to know Photoshop to have beautiful and professional photos. You can still use Pixlr Editor which offers a similar tool. However, I suggest you Pixlr Express app which offers interesting photo effects to make your images unique.

Of course, to have thunderous presentations, we need punchy photos/images. Unable to use an image from a Google search, I suggest you research on Unsplash website, a royalty-free image bank that can be used for commercial uses and can be imported into Canva.

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Try Pixlr

An intuitive tool to replace PowerPoint: Visme

An interesting discovery for me. I was amazed by the number of models (+ 1000) that we can use to prepare our presentation, in a predefined style. In addition, Visme offers the ability to use a media library and blocks of content already made. Presentations will be made in less time than you think.

In addition to creating presentations, you can use Visme for infographics, interactive graphical reports, and a social media section that compares to Canva.

A simple and intuitive tool to use now for your future presentations. All you have to do is putting into practice the art of attracting an audience in a meeting.

Try Visme

A WOW presentation: Prezi

We all know PowerPoint, but have you thought about getting out of your comfort zone? To have a presentation that all your teammates will talk about?

Prezi offers a whole new way of presenting things. More interactive, visually more attractive, Prezi must be known. Create and collaborate with your teammates on your presentations. Prezi is for everyone, not just the marketing department or graphic designer. Prezi is ideal for demonstrating the relationship between ideas. To use without moderation.

Try Prezi

Your English-speaking assistant: Grammarly

Of course, a presentation must be faultless and especially if this presentation is not made in your native language. Grammarly is a nice tool to accompany you in the Shakespeare language for critical grammar and spelling verification.

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The app is built into Chrome and fixes everything you write: email, letter, agenda, minutes, agenda of your meeting…

Try Grammarly

Extra: Antidote by Druide

I know, the title of this blog is free apps. But after trying out several free French grammar proofer apps, none of them, I think, equals Antidote. In addition, it is completely integrated with Beenote. The best of both worlds, together.

A high-performance tool that has proven itself in both French and English. It is a tool that has many features: rich and comprehensive dictionaries such as the thesaurus which is very handy when writing the agenda, language guides and advanced proofreaders with intelligent filters.

Antidote Integrated to Beenote

What are the apps you use to produce your stunning presentations?


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