Are you an extrovert?

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Teamwork, Workplace Wellness

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Extroverts are everywhere

As we previously mentioned in our article about introverts, today’s society favors extroverts. We talk a lot about all the benefits of teamwork and we encourage people to stand out. It’s obvious that it’s easier for extroverts to find their place in society.

Not to mention the fact that, every day, media bombard us with the exploit of people who are willing to go ahead and take their place. They always seem comfortable in front of cameras and have an excellent sense of repartee. It’s like they don’t need to think before speaking.

You won’t be surprised to learn that many famous people fall are extroverts. Just think about Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. In short, extroverts take a lot of space, even if they are, apparently, fewer than introverts.

Are you an extrovert?

You can certainly imagine that it’s usually easy to recognize extroverts. Of course, sometimes they are not exactly as we imagine them. It’s actually possible to be both shy and extrovert, even if the phenomenon is far from reaching a majority of extroverts.

While introverts need calm and solitude to recharge their batteries, extroverts recharge their batteries when surrounded by people. They don’t like loneliness.

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For Marie-Sylvie Dionne, it’s clear that « extroverts people need to be in a relationship with others in order to influence, direct, defend, for example. » They need to be surrounded by people at all times. They are struggling to imagine that someone wants to be alone. They also tend to be more optimistic and enthusiastic.

Extroverts at work

No need to say that we have a tendency to notice the extroverts more than the introverts in a workplace. They take up more space and they don’t hesitate to assert their ideas. However, to fully appreciate their jobs, they must hold a position that allows them to spend all their energy. If an extrovert finds himself in a position « where its energy is mainly mobilized in introversion or little contact, he will be demotivated and he will want a new job. »

During meetings, extroverts don’t hesitate to take their place. It can be unsettling for introverts who find themselves at the same table. While introverts will rather think before speaking, extroverts are not afraid to speak and share all the ideas that cross their mind. They think out loud. Persuasive, they’re also able to sell their ideas very well, which is why they are often selected. Even if there’s no evidence that they are better.

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Give introverts a chance

To leave a chance to introverts to speak at a meeting, use Beenote! You will be able to designate introverts as responsible for certain items on the agenda. They will be more comfortable to express themselves and have the chance to present their ideas.

If you are extrovert, you are definitely one step ahead, since the present company promotes that type of behavior. We like to see people who are comfortable speaking in public and who always want to do more. However, you must not forget to leave more room for introverts who don’t speak so easily. During meetings, remember to ask questions to people who are more discreet. If you see that they are trying to express themselves, let them the chance to do so. They will thank you!

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