Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, and his vision of its role in a meeting

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The way a CEO behaves during a meeting has a significant impact on his organization. In a video interview with the Wall Street Journal, the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, answers questions from a reporter. The question How do you run a meeting seemed particularly relevant.

A structured agenda with our Beenote application

This question is really important since it involves the concept of leadership. A meeting must be directed if we want to achieve the desired benefits. A meeting without direction is like a ship without a rudder.

Satya Nadella’s answer is as important as short: «Listen more, talk less and be decisive when the time comes.» These words are important to my ears because they involve many concepts that Beenote, our solution, offers to meetings managers.

A well-prepared agenda, available online and in advance to all participants, allows people to be well prepared. It’s especially useful for those who have more than one specific topic to cover.

At Beenote, the leader in the title we attribute to the person leading the meeting and we take this role seriously. A meeting leader can, within minutes, schedule a meeting, build an agenda that will determine the topics to be covered, the people in charge of each item, and the time allocated to each point.

In addition, it allows him to inform participants about which approach should be preferred. It may also be a combination of several approaches:

CEO of Microsoft-type of leader

Those choices allow participants to understand what is expected from them for each topic covered in a meeting. This practice increases the interest and concentration of participants while facilitating the work of the one who has to present an item.

To return to the words chosen by Satya Nadella (listen more and talk less), it requires preparation from the leader, but also the involvement of the participants. Beenote offers a simple and easy approach to get there while allowing you to run better meetings by listening more and talking less.

With this approach, you will, as stated by the CEO of Microsoft, make decisions when necessary because you will have registered on the agenda items that require decision making, on the agenda.

To conclude, we hope this article inlighted you to the importance of planning your meetings. You and your team will be better prepared to discuss the items on the agenda, which allows you to make better decisions.

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