Effortless Meeting Management: Start your meeting in less than 20 seconds

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Best Meeting Practices, Product News

Last Updated on 8 May 2021

The goal of using a meeting management solution is to make it easy and fast. So we made some changes to Beenote to simplify your task of creating a meeting agenda. By including a single New Meeting button to make your meetings accessible through one click.

Choose between Meet Now or Meet Later to plan your agenda.

Meet Now

It often happens that you have to add a last-minute meeting to your agenda. You can hold your meeting immediately, determine, on the spot, the topics to be discussed on the agenda, add or change them as well during the discussion. You will be able to add details (notes, tasks, and decisions) directly to the topic being discussed.

Tip: If note taking requires too much attention, record all or par of your discussion. You can stay focused on the discussion.

Meet Later

Plan your agenda in advance with your collaborators or partners. On D-Day, simply start your meeting to complete topics and add overall or personal notes, assign tasks, and propose/second a decision.

3 videos to help you hold meetings quickly with Beenote (in less than 20 seconds, promised)

1. Start your last-minute meeting now

2. Schedule a future meeting by duplicating a past meeting.

3. Plan a future meeting through the agenda templates.

You no longer have an excuse. Now it is time for you to enjoy these new features. With Beenote is now your easiest and FASTEST app to run a meeting.

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