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Own your meetings, 

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Beenote, for efficient and well-documented meetings


Increase your corporate governance through the collaboration of all levels of management.


Complete your projects quickly by having a follow-up of the team’s tasks and actions.


Automate your processes: pre-built agenda, template, duplication and meeting recurrence.


Structure information efficiently that will be easily accessible and searchable.

For your board and committees, Beeboard is the governance solution for managing and documenting your meetings.

Governance, Security & Efficiency

Your time is important, so use it effectively.


Clear and Precise Agenda

Clearly define the objective and collaborate in writing the agenda to reduce the number of going back and forth emails. When finished, send it to all participants so they are well prepared for your meeting.


Quick Access to the Minutes of Meeting

Write your notes, decisions, and tasks during your meeting and they will automatically be added to the minutes. Then, share your minutes quickly. That’s it!

Hold your meeting on time

By respecting the agenda, you will have meetings that finish on time. Also with timekeeper that show you the time by subject and the overall time of the meeting.


Follow-up of personal and team tasks

During your board, committee or team meeting, assign tasks to your teammates or even personal and follow up in post-meeting.

Beeteam, meeting management tool for teams.

Collaboration, Security and Efficiency.

Integrated into the tools you use.
More efficient meetings, always!

Build your meetings with your calendar or with Beenote, our calendar integration is made to simplify your task, anytime!

Beenote works with us before, during and after the meetings. We are better structured and the minutes does provides a listening of all decisions we took. For every task, we can assign a person in charge. What more can we do to be more efficient!

Annick Breton, CPA, CGA

Senior Director - Canadian Taxation, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Since we work with Beenote, our meetings end in time, and even before the scheduled time. Also, participants are better prepared.

Viviane Couto

Communications Projects Manager, Quebec Technology Association

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