Your meetings will be more effective.

And you, healthier!


Beenote is an ALL-IN-ONE meeting and wellness management tool

for more efficient and healthy work teams.


Organize a meeting for FREE

Beenote takes care of the boring stuff for you.

Put some fun in your meetings.


Focus on clear objectives

Prepare your meetings more easily. The agenda will allow you to set clear and precise objectives in advance while informing your entire team. They will be prepared.



From now on, your meetings will respect the time allocated, will be more organized and especially shorter, which will allow your teammates to be more focused on the meeting.

Available anytime, anywhere

Available anytime and everywhere on your computers or mobiles. Beenote is ready, whatever the type or number of the upcoming meeting.


Keep track of your team's tasks

Keep track of what to do following the meeting. Easily assign tasks to your teammates with an e-mail to inform them. Ensure closer monitoring of assigned tasks before and after the meeting.

Document your meetings

Record your meetings for a quick review of decisions made and tasks assigned. Quickly find what you are looking for.


Walking meeting

Moving allows having more energy in our work day. Why not walk during your meetings?






The solution to be

healthier at work.

The walking meeting!


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What people say about us

Beenote works with us before, during and after the meetings. We are better structured and the minutes does provides a listening of all decisions we took. For every task, we can assign a person in charge. What more can we do to be more efficient!

Annick Breton, CPA, CGA

Senior Director - Canadian Taxation, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Beenote is available where ever each participants is located. The minutes provided is well structured and makes it easy to find all topics.

Nancy St-Pierre, B.A.A., M.Sc.

Business Development Manager / Desjardins Enterprise, Desjardins Entreprise

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