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from agenda to minutes.


Beenote is THE meeting management tool

for more efficient work teams.


Your time is important, so use it effectively.


Saving Time by 20%

From now, your meetings will respect the time allocated, be more organized and especially shorter, which will allow you to have better meetings.


Clear and Precise Agenda

Prepare your meetings more efficiently by using an agenda template. Clearly, define the main objective and inform your colleagues by e-mail. They will be well prepared for your meetings.


Follow-up on the team's tasks

In the meeting, assign tasks and follow-up on these tasks after the meeting. Keep track of actions in a dashboard.

Meeting Management Indicator

Follow up your meeting management indicator with our series of reports


Time is money, but why waste it in inefficient meetings? Beenote offers you a ROI of 100% after 3 months of implementation.


Quick Accessibily of the Meeting Minutes

Write your notes directly in meeting and they will automatically be added to the minutes. Then, share your minutes quickly. That’s it!

Record your Meetings

Record your meetings for a quick review of decisions made and tasks assigned. Quickly find what you are looking for. Document your meetings!


BeeActiv: Wellness Program

First wellness program offered during working hours. Moving allows you to have more energy during your work day. Take your work for a walk!



Reduction of time spent in meetings


ROI after 3 months of implementation



more productive with walking meetings

Discovers how Beenote can help you to have efficient meetings.

Change your world, one meeting at a time.

Award Winning Application

The solution to be

healthier at work.

The walking meeting!


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Integrated with tools you used: for more efficient meetings, always!

Whether it is to correct spelling mistakes directly in your meeting agenda/minutes or to quickly plan your meetings with your colleagues, our integrations are made to simplify your task, anytime!

What people say about us

Beenote works with us before, during and after the meetings. We are better structured and the minutes does provides a listening of all decisions we took. For every task, we can assign a person in charge. What more can we do to be more efficient!

Annick Breton, CPA, CGA

Senior Director - Canadian Taxation, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Since we work with Beenote, our meetings end in time, and even before the scheduled time. Also, participants are better prepared.

Viviane Couto

Communications Projects Manager, Quebec Technology Association

Effectives teams who use Beenote works here



Best meeting practices delivered right to you.

Promised, not more than twice a month.

Plan, hold and follow your meetings with our ALL-IN-ONE tool! It’s free. Forever.