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First, it is important to answer the question What is a walking meeting?

A walking meeting is simply a meeting at work that takes place by walking with colleagues, customers or other stakeholders, to discuss current issues. It is a meeting held outside when the weather allows it or inside the building, instead of taking place in the traditional offices or in a conference room.

In our current society, there is no time for anything. walking meetings are a simple and effective solution to stay healthy on working hours. Get paid to get well!

It’s better for your health

You spend an average of 75% of your working hours by sitting on your office chair. It is even said that for the current workers, sitting is the new smoking. Physical inactivity is very present in our working environments. Change your habits and go walking. It’s easy, accessible and good for your health! Walking brings you only good benefits!!

Here are 10 good reasons to have a walking meeting at work.


1. It’s good for your health

Walking helps to maintain a healthy weight, reduces the risk of dementia, diabetes, colon, and breast cancer as well as heart disease, strengthens bones and prevents depression.

By having a walking meeting, you will be less likely to suffer from energy drop after dinner.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of intense physical activity – or an equivalent combination each week.


2. Accessible physical activity 

It is an accessible physical activity and can be performed at any time of the day. Replace only 1 traditional sitting meeting per week and you will see, this will positively impact your health.

Practicing moderate exercise for 15 minutes a day can increase life expectancy up to three years. – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

3. Have fun in meetings

Finally, enjoy having a meeting. Walking meetings no longer give the impression of wasting time in meetings. You can realize two objectives in one action.

4. Well-being at work

Increase your physical well-being and further your mental well-being by walking. Practicing regular physical activity allows you to engage in healthy lifestyle habits. Walking gives energy, improves memory, increases your sociability and above all, you will be in a better mood. It also reduces the stress that your loaded agenda brings you.

5. Improve your efficiency at work

Walking meetings increase productivity, improve time management, mental performance, ability to meet deadlines and help to be more focused on work.

6. Develops team spirit

Walking develops and strengthens interpersonal relationships and teamwork. People are more socially and spontaneously comfortable when they move.

7. Facilitates decision making

Changing your working environment can give free rein to your imagination and take into consideration options that were not previously considered. Walking improves interactions and helps to find solutions quickly. People are more relaxed and talk easily to the subject they want to settle.

8. Equal to equal

Walking and speaking side by side mitigates hierarchical and status distinctions and puts people at ease.

9. Stimulates creativity

It’s proven, changing the environment inspires new ideas. What are you waiting for to go outside and enjoy the sun? Invite your colleagues to have a walking meeting in order to solve a file that causes you some difficulty.

Is it raining? So walk inside! The goal is to be physically active in order to be stimulated by your visual and auditory environment. In addition, it changes of your traditional office.

Walking also helps generate new ideas and improves on average of 60% creativity. – Stanford University

10. Better communication

When we feel happy, energetic and engaged, discussions among colleagues or during a team meeting are better. It is also a good way to resolve conflicts; people are more likely to argue when they do not face to face, to look directly at each other.

In conclusion

Keep in mind that walking meetings are not breaks from your work. It is only a different way of holding a meeting that would have taken place in a colleague’s office or around a large conference table.

It is not all types of meetings that can be a walking meeting. Sometimes we need special tools or it may be important to be sitting in front of the person to observe the reactions or negotiate.

For you, what would be THE reason for having a walking meeting at work?


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