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Many people loudly claim that when smartphones are allowed in meetings, some waste their time (and sometimes others’) on Facebook, Instagram, and Co., or answer their emails or simply do not follow the conversation and thus hinder the smooth running of the meeting. What if, on the contrary, using your smartphone for meetings could be beneficial for all participants? You don’t believe me, do you?


These are 11 reasons to use your smartphone for meetings.

Before the meeting


1. Collaborative tool: The agenda can be written by several people.

2. The agenda is available at any time and place. Participants are therefore better prepared for the meeting.

3. Integration into your corporate agenda and notification of upcoming meetings on your smartphone


During the meeting


4. Respect for the environment and monetary economy with paperless meetings: participants consult the agenda and relevant documents on their smartphones.

5. Collaborative tool: Each participant can add notes to the current topic.


6. The smartphone makes it easy to take and keep personal notes. They can then be searched by keywords. No more notebooks where it is difficult to find the information afterward.

7. Teleworking tool: The smartphone allows you to follow in real time a meeting for which you cannot be physically present. Combined with a video conferencing tool such as Zoom, Skype or Hangout, it’s as if you were there!

8. Audio recording allows you to protect yourself, to keep track of what has been said and decided. This way, you can document your meetings in order to avoid confusion or conflict.

9. Practice co-walking: The main advantage of the smartphone is its mobility. So why remain confined to your offices? Go out with some of your colleagues and have a walking meeting on a topic that causes you concern. You will see, inspiration will come faster.


After the meeting


10. Access to all meeting and documents with the centralized repository.

11. Tasks follow-up: The smartphone allows you to see at a glance all the tasks that have been assigned in meetings for better monitoring and progress of projects.


In conclusion
Of course, some will always say that bringing your smartphone to meetings is an important source of distractions, but they are here for good. Make smartphone an ally and finally have more effective meetings!


Beenote is a meeting management solution available in a mobile version.

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