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There are some very simple things you can do to ensure you host better meetings and in this new post, I’m going to share some of these tips with you.

5 Simple Tips for Effective Meetings



The first tip is, I think, one of the most important: to invite the right people. The preselection of participants should be aligned with both the subject of the meeting and the objectives. For instance, you could choose according to your meeting being brainstorming, an assessment, monitoring, deliverable management, etc.

Workers participating in each type of meeting may not be the same so we must take special care to make sure we have the right people, in relation to the meeting’s purpose. It’s essential.

ecrire agenda


Now that we’ve invited the right people, we must put forward an agenda that’ll indicate:

  1. the topics for the meeting;
  2. preparedness of those who present each subject being brought forward;
  3. the expected objective for each point such as Informing, Exchanging, Generating ideas, View or Decide;
  4. transmit or make available the necessary documentation for the participants’ preparation.



By default, the time allocated for a meeting is an hour block, two or more. Most meetings last one hour and are followed closely by those lasting two hours. Is that too much?

In our experience, meetings can last less than the time we initially planned for them. But how?

With better planning! How? By writing a detailed agenda indicating three things: the topics covered, by whom and how much time is allocated.

time guardian


To finish the meeting within the deadline, you must select a timekeeper who will inform participants if they exceed the time allocated to them, for their section. The goal is not necessarily to do discipline, which no one likes to do but to simply inform participants as time progresses.

If all participants agree that more time should be given to any given point, then the meeting continues but it does so with full knowledge of the changed timeline.



Once the meeting has ended, participants usually expect to receive a minutes of meeting that will indicate the main points discussed but it’s important to include the decisions which lead to expected tasks.

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These five basic tips help you better manage your meetings and thus enhance the participants’ engagement while also increasing your projects’ success rates.

Beenote has the features you need to succeed in all of these five tips with both fluency and compliance. Offering a structured approach to planning, implementation, and monitoring of meetings, Beenote will add to the value of your role as a meeting leader and that, by all means, will breathe new life into your meetings.

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