Relationship with time

You may have noticed that the relationship with time is different from one person to another. Time is never a problem for certain people. They always find a way to adapt themselves to the situation. They love short term project and they work at a fast pace. They quickly lost interest if a project is taking too long. These people are known as polychronic or “SPRINTERS”.

For others, time is stressful and takes a toll on their daily activities. They can only focus on one task at a time and strongly prefer long term projects. They are mostly calm. These people are called monochronic or “MARATHON RUNNERS”.

Work methods are completely different between these two groups of individuals. It can be quite unsettling to have to work in collaboration with people who have a completely different relationship with time from ours.

This is a portrait of the main differences between “sprinters” and “marathon runners”, which can be very useful to better manage your work relationships.

at work sprinter or marathon runner

Work relationship

The way that each worker organizes his tasks is very personal and should correspond to his needs. Gathering employee to discuss their needs and their works methods can be an interesting way to assure harmony amongst the team. This may allow employees to develop new work technics as well as a better team interaction.

To be a sprinter is no better than to be a marathon runner and vice versa. For example, asking a marathon runner to take simultaneous tasks on very short notice can create a stressful and uncomfortable situation that can affect results. Managers must adapt project according to the type of needs.

It’s important to know our colleagues since we spend a lot of time at work. This facilitates collaboration amongst employees and avoids the frictions related to different working techniques.

At your meetings with Beenote, it’s important to know this difference when you distribute the tasks to participants. Such knowledge will improve results.

So, are you a “sprinter” or a “marathon runner”?


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