Own Your Board and Committees Meetings,

From Agenda to Minutes.


Beeboard supports you for a better governance

For your Board Meetings and Board of Directors

You organize or collaborate on a board of directors, board committee or executive committee of your organization. Do you want a safe and easy-to-use meetings management tool?

Beeboard is the module of Beenote that allows you to plan your meetings, access them on your favorite tool in order to be well prepared, hold your meetings on time and follow-up on tasks and decisions. All this, with the highest levels of security.

Beeboard securely isolates teams, meetings, documents and decisions for a complete confidentiality. With Beeboard, you will be able to hold safe, effective meetings with the best information to make the best decisions. Our approach and the security included allowing you to achieve the best levels of governance that are expected.

With Beeboard, you can see beyond the board book and manage meetings for your entire organization. Beeboard for your board and committees and Beeteam for all teams in your organization. A centralized tool for managing secure and paperless meetings, with a demarcation between the direction and teams, while offering collaboration and data to better understand and improve the efficiency of all your corporate meetings.



Safety First

With more than 20 years of providing safe solutions to courts, security has become a natural reflex for us. All your meeting documents are safe with us.

Our Concern: Quality Service

It is important to us to offer you a quality support. We offer you online and telephone support. You even have access to tailor-made training with Beenote Academy.

Paperless Meetings

A board book can contain up to 200 pages/administrators. Beenote, an eco-friendly gesture, and centralized documents. Always the right document accessible to you.


Easy to use with an intuitive visual, Beenote’s team work continuously to offer you the best user experience.


Beeboard of Beenote plays a central supporting role in the decision making, information sharing and risk management that come with good governance.

Effective Meetings

Our meeting management solution achieves 3 levels of efficiency: governance, financial et operational.

Those who use Beeboard at their

board, committees or board of directors



Reduction of time spent in meetings


ROI after 3 months of implementation

Beeboard, the first paperless meeting management portal for board, committees and board of directors that will help you to achieve governance and security goals.

Beeboard and you

Board Member

Anytime, secure access to your board documentation.

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Direction Member

Beeboard for all the processes surrounding your meetings.

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