Beeboard for Meeting Panner

Finally, more time for you,

to complete your other work tasks.

Do you have the scheduling meetings role in your workplace and you feel like just doing this? Has this task become repetitive and difficult?

Beeboard is there to lighten up your task by taking care of planning, organization, execution and even post-meeting tasks.



Integrating with your corporate calendar simplifies management and minimizes scheduling conflicts between attendees and even your meeting rooms.



The writing of the agenda is fast, structured and can even be written from a template preset by you.

Hold a meeting

Take notes directly in Beeboard during your meetings. You can also record your conversation to facilitate the writing of the minutes.


Post meeting

With Beeboard, your minutes is almost finished when the meeting ends. Some corrections and voila!

Easily schedule your meetings

Forget the back and forth emails to validate a meeting time and date, all this is done from your corporate calendar. Quickly confirm the right time for everyone at a glance.

The chosen meeting schedule is added to all participants’ calendars and you will be notified of upcoming meetings.

Organize your agenda clearly

Prepare a clear and structured agenda. No more repetitive tasks, you can even create your agenda from a template according to your needs.

Your agenda includes essential elements such as topics, leaders, objectives and participant roles, but the most important for having efficient meetings: the length of each topic and in parallel the overall meeting time.

When the agenda is approved, each participant is notified by email and can consult it on the device of their choice, in order to be well prepared for the meeting.

No more agenda conflicts!

It’s now easy to manage your agenda and even book a conference room right in Beeboard.

Organize your first meeting! It’s easy and fast with Beeboard.

Write your minutes of meeting quickly

Save time in minutes writing with our real-time meeting management portal. In meetings, take notes directly into Beeboard, by discussed topic.

If you can not be present, the audio recording of the meeting will allow you to quickly write your minutes. After, you could easily delete these audio files afterward.

Multiple configurations (more than 2000) allow a personalized minutes layout in a format that meets your needs.

Once completed, the minutes of meeting is accessible anytime in your portal. You can even send it by email including a web address (URL link) or a PDF file.

The efficiency of using a collaborative tool

Beeboard is above all a collaborative workspace combining efficiency and effectiveness.

Beeboard can stop all emails sent and received in connection with meetings. It is a portal that allows everyone to share the agenda before the meeting, but also to allow collaborative writing of the agenda or the report.

In Beeboard, sharing meeting documents is a must. That’s why a library is available to all members.


With more than 20 years of providing secure solutions to courts, the creators of Beenote know and understand the importance you put on safety


ISO 27001

PCI DSS, level 1

SOC 1-2-3

More features to hold an effective meeting

Easy sharing

Your agendas and minutes are available in PDF format.


Personal notes

Take your personal notes directly in Beeboard. You will keep a record of important points.

Paperless Meeting

Beenote, an eco-friendly gesture and centralized documents. Always the right document accessible to you.


Time Management

Our integrations to your corporate calendar save a lot of time of agenda schedule between participants.


Add a web address, attach a document or an image to your agenda, minutes and tasks.

Beespace: Your dashboard

Gathers all your meetings of the day, upcoming ones, your tasks and your personal notes.

Private Library

Put all your meeting documents in one place.


Agenda Template

Use a predefined template according to your preferences. No more recurring tasks!


Recurring meeting

Duplicate a previous agenda to facilitate your process at the next meeting.

End of scheduling conflicts

By managing meeting invitations directly from your corporate agenda, no more agenda conflicts!


Follow-up on Approval Process

Always have access to the latest available version of your documents.

Audio recording

External guests can view the agenda and attend the meeting in real time.

Plan your first meeting with Beeboard!