Version 0.6.2 of beenote® is now available! Take a look at the Release Notes to see the improvements that have been made.


  • Ability to create tasks outside of meetings, directly from your beespace, whether they are personal or associated with folders.
  • Ability to invite or easily remove people from a meeting once it started.
  • Add notes, tasks and decisions while editing the minutes of a meeting.
  • Add new icons to identify the type of task in a snap.
  • Ability to filter all the tasks by folder for more efficient management.
  • The online help is now available in English.



  • Meeting leaders now see in their agenda all the attendance confirmations from people they’ve invited to a meeting.
  • Add, as an option in the folders, a short name that will end up in the title of your calendar entries, facilitating reading it.
  • A default folder is now created along with a new organization, which facilitates beenote® setting up.
  • Display a warning when the browser used doesn’t support the playback of an audio recording.



  • Fix an issue that prevented to see the notes when sending the minutes.
  • Fix some minor issues to make the beenote® experience more user-friendly and pleasant.

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