Version 0.6.0 of beenote® is now available! Take a look at the Release Notes to see the improvements that have been made.


  • Addition of a new section called My beespace. In this section, you’re able to see your meetings of the day and the tasks assigned to you. With this new functionality, you can also manage, filter, sort and edit tasks directly from your beespace.
  • Display a warning when you are in Private Mode using iOS Safari, which prevents beenote® to display.
  • Addition of new buttons allowing URLs modification on mobile devices.
  • Addition, in the options of the file, of a checkbox to make the minutes of a meeting visible by default to the entire organisation when you publish your meeting.


  • Validation of the email address used by sending a confirmation email.
  • Display of contacts chips in the field Task owner during the meeting planning.


  • Fix various alignment and display problems for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

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