Version 0.7.3 of beenote® is now available! Take a look at the Release Notes to see the improvements that have been made.


  • A visual indication alerts the administrator that one or more user requests to join the organization are pending approval.
  • A meeting left inactive for a period exceeding twice the time planned will be automatically closed.
  • Ability to change a meeting from a folder.
  • Display a visual indicator in the beespace when a task is added or modified.
  • Creation of a single access point to beenote. You can now logon, create and join an organization at the same place.
  • Ability to sort tasks by type to facilitate their management.



  • The task and the task owner now appear on the same line in «minimal» mode when the screen width allows it.
  • Ability to define a personal display model of the minutes as the default template.
  • Remove the status of the decisions.
  • Guest members of the organization, when invited, automatically become participants.
  • When a note from a list item in a subject on the agenda is created, and if it is too long for the title, it is rather transcribed in the Details field.



  • Fix an issue that made it possible to set a second task owner for the tasks.
  • The date and the duration of the meeting were distorted when moving the first topic.
  • Increase the size of the title tasks field.
  • Fix the error message that always appears in English when you create two folders with the same name.
  • Prevent the creation of a model without options name of the minutes.
  • Fix some minor issues to make the beenote® experience more user-friendly and pleasant.

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