Version 0.7.4 of beenote® is now available! Take a look at the Release Notes to see the improvements that have been made.


  • Addition of a privacy option in the minutes of the meeting when printing.
  • Possibility to suspend a user account for easier management.
  • Management of the number of users and guest in an organizatiom


  • Addition of the name of the folder in the task assignment email.
  • Simplification of the addition of a list of points in a subject of the agenda.
  • Removing the «Current Meeting» tab of the menu, because the information is already in the beespace.
  • Clarification of the emails send to the users when there is a registration request.
  • Possibility, for the user, to receive by email a list of organizations for which he is pending.


  • In Chrome, it’s now possible to move recording without having to listen to it first.
  • Research in the beespace didn’t display the tasks created outside of meetings.
  • The audio player icon wasn’t displayed in Internet Explorer 11.
  • The guests were expelled from the meeting a few seconds after they connected.
  • The rights of the guest were revised.
  • Fix various alignment and display problems for a more enjoyable viewing experience.
  • Fix some minor issues.


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