Version 0.7.0 of beenote® is now available! Take a look at the Release Notes to see the improvements that have been made.


  • Start a meeting in two clicks using the new Meet Now option.
  • Overhaul of the minutes section, which optimizes production, readability and printing documents :
    • Added several new options for creating custom reports. You can display the information you want.
    • Ability to save multiple display templates and reuse them in one click.
    • Ability to integrate your corporate logo to create documents matching your corporate image.
    • Files joined to the agenda are now accessible in the meeting’s minutes.



  • Display the preview in the browser’s current tab along with a back button for easier navigation.
  • Repositioning of the meeting creation button for an increased visibility.
  • Possibility to send an email to people you invite during a meeting.
  • Send an email notification to people assigned to a task created off meeting.
  • Addition of an option to sort the tasks according to their type in your beespace.



  • Display attachments in a new tab on your browser.
  • Loss of the Task owner and the Delegate by inserting a task in a meeting from the register.
  • Fix some minor issues to make the beenote® experience more user-friendly and pleasant.



  • Addition of a link in the application that points to the release notes on beenote®’s website.

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