1. A demo and tutorials folder is generated when a new organisation is created.
  2. Help, tips and advice to decorate and facilitate with the integration of beenote®.
  3. Participant’s email address has been added to the attendance window.
  4. Organization’s administrator can now modify the user’s email address.


  • Audio recording is simplified with the Safari browser.
  • Redesigned tasks display in folders.
  • Meeting status change is now immediate in beespace.
  • Task’s creator is now displayed.
  • Adjusted the right for editing tasks. The creator, responsible and the task related folder’s responsible can modify it.
  • Search by manager/delegate has been added to the Tasks registry.
  • “Guest” role has been replaced with an administrator’s customizable role in the beenote® access’ rights.

Fixed Issues

  • Problem when adding a subject with the Firefox browser.
  • Tabs options report were truncated on mobile devices.
  • Default folder was missing from the meeting’s planning.
  • Contact chips were deformed on iOS devices.
  • The attendance window remained displayed after expulsion of a meeting.
  • Accented letters are now replaced by non accented letters instead of a dash when an organization is created. Example: Hélène Inc became H-I-ne_Inc. Correction: Helene_Inc
  • Improved display, text and icons alignment for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

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