+6000 teams use Beeteam to structure all their meetings.

The importance of meetings in a project.

Meetings are central to any project. It is therefore important to better plan them using a meeting management tool.

Beeteam is the complete package of Beenote you need that offers all the essential features for work teams of all sizes. Beeteam allows you to organize, hold and follow up all types of meetings that your teams will need in the execution and realization of their projects. 


Work directly in Beenote on the latest version of your documents. You will avoid all these useless emails!


No matter where or when, thanks to the centralization of documents, all members of the same team can collaborate.


Recover 20% of your time with well-planned meetings and held in accordance with your deadlines.


Assign tasks directly in meetings and follow up on them. Set the priority and track the status of these tasks in a dashboard.

No more agenda conflicts!

It’s now easy to manage your schedule and even book a conference room with Beeteam.


Effective management of your meeting files

Make a good management of your projects with a clear structure of your files, organized by team.

Start your meeting in less than 20 seconds.

It’S FREE, forever.


Maximize your time by collaboratively writing your documents.

Beeteam allows you to work effectively in a team and collaborate in the writing throughout the meeting process.

When writing the agenda,  the persons in charge of each topic can complete their part by adding, for example, the necessary documents. All participants can prepare themselves before the meeting.

During the meeting, everyone’s collaboration is essential, as much of the verbal exchange as at the addition of global notes which can be registered by all the partners.

When the minutes are reviewed, the participants concerned can complete it and afterward, send it to all.


How do Beenote teams use Beenote for their meetings?

meeting checklist

The Ultimate Meeting Planning Checklist

Why choose beenote

Why Beenote as a meeting management solution?

Essential features of Beeteam

Personal Notes

Take your personal notes directly in Beenote. You will keep a written record of important points.


Propose/Support a Decision

Document your decisions: identify the mover and those who support the decision.

Agenda Template

Use a basic template predefined according to your preferences. No more recurring tasks!

ALL-IN-ONE Meeting Management Tool

Gather all meeting data in one tool: agendas, minutes, documents and tasks.

Calendar Integration

Manage invitations directly in your corporate calendar with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar integrations.

Access Logging

Have a record of who consulted the agenda and the minutes.

Organize your first team meeting with Beenote.