Beeboard, a Governance Meeting Management Solution for Board Member. 

We understand the importance of your role as a board member

With Beeboard, you can hold your board meetings safely, efficiently and with the best information to make the best decisions.


Always have on hand the latest version of your agenda with access and approvals tracking.


In order to offer operational efficiency, Beeboard is simple to use and user-friendly.


Increase your corporate governance through the collaboration of all levels of management.


With more than 20 years of providing secure solutions to courts, security has become a natural reflex for us. Your meeting documents are safe with Beeboard.


Ensure a good execution of the meeting.

In meetings, Beeboard makes it possible to follow the established structure by following each topic on the agenda with a clearly visible timekeeper. You can even see if the overall meeting time is respected. No more endless meetings

Ensure the efficiency of your board with, for each topic, a leader, a clear objective and an allocated time.

When your board is held, add your personal notes, you can also have quick access to any documents related to this meeting.


Centralized directory, a security issue.

The security and confidentiality of documents are in good hands with Beeboard. A secure platform for all the elements related to your meetings.

A directory of your minutes allows you to quickly access your documents. In addition, our tool allows you to perform an advanced keyword search.

Your board is in good hands with Beeboard.

Have access to all your documents safely, regardless of location and time. You can even do your meeting remotely!

Beenote is available on the device of your choice.


With more than 20 years of experience in secure solutions for courts, the creators of Beenote know and understand the importance you place on safety.

More features to hold an effective board

Register of topics, tasks and decisions

Each decision and task can be put forward and followed properly.


Personal Notes

Take your personal notes directly in Beeboard. You will easily find these notes on your dashboard.

Private minutes of meeting

If desired, the minutes may be private to participants of the same meeting.


Advanced search

Easily search by folder, team, notes, tasks, meetings or keywords.

Logging access of team members

You can see the list of members who have consulted the board documents.

Schedule Management

To simplify your work, the time slots of your boards will automatically be added to your calendar.


You can propose and support a decision directly on the topic being discussed.

Private and secure team library

Put all your documents in the secure library so everyone on your team can access them.

Follow-up on Approval Process

Always have access to the latest available version of your agenda with the approvals of all members.


Approval of the previous minutes

Easy approval of the previous minutes in your next board meeting.

Beespace: Your workspace

Get a quick overview of all your upcoming meetings as well as all tasks.


Respect the time allocated to each topic and the entire meeting.

Own your meeting, from agenda to minutes!