Beeboard for Board of Directors

Beeboard designed for busy managers.

Simple, fast and secure.

Do you regularly hold board of directors to share strategic information and plan next steps? Beeboard helps you stay focused on what is being said.

Beeboard supports the planning, organization, execution, and follow-through of post-meeting tasks. Easy to use and effective management, Beeboard is right for you.

Easy Scheduling

Simplify schedule management with integration into your corporate calendar and minimize agenda conflicts between attendees.



Plan quickly your meeting and write your agenda in the rules of the art in a structured way.

Hold the meeting

Take personal notes, record an important conversation or simply to keep track of the time. Beeboard makes it easy for you in a meeting.


Tasks follow-through

Write your minutes of meeting quickly and effectively follow your personal actions and tasks and those of your teammates.

Plan a clear and structured agenda

Save writing time by using an agenda template and use it for all your executive committees. You can also write this agenda in collaboration with each concerned attendee.

This structured agenda includes the essential elements such as the topics, the leaders, the objectives and the roles of each participant, but the most important to have efficient meetings: the length of each subject and in parallel, the overall meeting time.

You can also track versions and approve changes. Always have the latest version available through our centralized and secure portal.

When the agenda is approved, each attendee is notified by email and can consult it on the device of his choice, in order to be well prepared for the board of directors.

Quickly send the minutes of meeting

During your meetings, instantly complete your topics on the agenda, supported by decisions and taken actions. When your board of directors is over, you will only have to review the overall elements of your minutes.

You can also take personal notes to complete the information later.

If you cannot be present, the audio recording of the meeting will allow you to listen to precise parts of the meeting and/or writing the minutes quickly.

Once completed, the minutes is accessible at any time from your portal. You can even email it in PDF format if you wish.

Organize your first board of directors, it’s fast!

In meetings, be efficient and respect the scheduled time

Time is the rarest commodity and it is common for meetings to drag on. With Beeboard, be on time and even before time by respecting the allocated time with our integrated stopwatch.

First, determine the time per subject and automatically follow the overall time of the meeting. You can even plan breaks!

The time indicator will tell you if you are early or late on your subject and will count it on the overall meeting time.

Henceforth, your next meeting will finish on time!

Statistics of your meetings

We offer you reports and statistical component because we firmly believe that without an effective measurement of your meetings, you can not achieve the goals set. Static reports are presented to you including the progress of current tasks, general statistics on meetings and attendees.

You can quickly see what needs to be improved in your organization, such as being on time on projects or cost overruns, and knowing this will greatly help you to better plan your time and resources.

Forget the back and forth emails to validate a meeting time and date, all this task is done in your corporate calendar.

Rights and roles management

Beeboard offers granular rights management for users. These rights include team member management, folder role, agenda scheduling role, approval, role in Beeboard: leader, partner, participant, or guest, view changes rights, tasks management, statistics, production/changes, minutes access and more.

Flexible and secure, the rights and roles management by the account manager and administrator allow effective management with tracking and logbook.


With more than 20 years of experience in secure solutions for courts, the creators of Beenote know and understand the importance you place on safety.

More features to hold an effective board of directors

Private minutes of meeting

If desired, the minutes may be private to participants of the same meeting.

End of scheduling conflicts

By managing meeting invitations directly from your corporate agenda, no more agenda conflicts!


Advanced search

Easily search by folder, team, notes, tasks, meetings or keywords.

Follow-up on Approval Process

Always have access to the latest available version of your documents.

Decisions Register

Follow each decision properly.


Personal notes

Take your personal notes directly in Beeboard. You will keep a record of important points.


Add a web address, attach a document or an image to your agenda, minutes and tasks.


External guests can view the agenda and attend the meeting in real time.

Agenda Template

Use a predefined template according to your preferences. No more recurring tasks!

Easy sharing

Your agendas and minutes are available in PDF format.


Attendees Management

Easily track who is attending meetings or not.

Audio recording

External guests can view the agenda and attend the meeting in real time.

Organize your first board of directors, it’s fast!