Project Meeting Agenda Template

An agenda template for your project meetings will help you stay aligned towards achieving objectives for measurable results.

Beenote agenda project meeting

What is a project meeting?

Project meetings are used to achieve measurable project results related to the achievement of a specific objective. The project meeting takes place after the achievement of a Kick-Off meeting which allows to set up the main objective of the project and the expected results.

Project meetings are held on a regular basis (day, week, or month) to effectively accelerate project achievement in order to discuss project progress, generate/approve ideas and discuss and resolve issues.

Benefits of using an agenda template for your project meetings

structured meetings


Allows having a constant and easily accessible structure for the whole team

Efficient communication


The agenda keeps the discussion focused and records decisions

develop team spirits


Collaborative agenda writing allows for a greater sense of team belonging and commitment to the project

assign tasks


Meeting tasks are tracked from one meeting to the next by recurring agendas using a meeting management solution

project meeting agenda beenote

How to use the agenda for your project meetings?

The project meeting agenda emphasizes the purpose of the meeting and allows for a clear and effective plan to accomplish the desired end results. Including general items for discussion in your agenda allows for a recurring structure to your discussions and for well-organized documents.

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