The list of essentials for successful meetings.

Organize, hold and follow up on your meetings with this list of essential items to make your next meetings a success.

This checklist will allow you to:


approbation-ordre-du-jourDetermine if you need to hold a meeting

approbation-ordre-du-jourIdentify the right participants

approbation-ordre-du-jourDefine the important items on your agenda

approbation-ordre-du-jourPrepare your presentation effectively

approbation-ordre-du-jourRespect the topics during the meeting

approbation-ordre-du-jourWrite your minutes without forgetting anything

Be a more productive leader by planning your meetings efficiently.

We have put together in a step-by-step guide all the items to be included in the process of planning a meeting.

Keep this essential list on hand so you don’t forget anything from the agenda to the minutes!

Hundreds of executives have downloaded this checklist, which can be quickly consulted.