Integrate your Beenote meetings with Google Calendar and sync your tasks with Google Tasks. Everything you need for successful meetings


Your Beenote meetings added directly to your calendar

Forget all those emails back and forth to find out everyone’s availability. It’s all done on your calendar.


Add the agenda to your Google Calendar

Plan your meetings according to the available time slot of all participants


Notifications: automatic event reminders


Add the meeting confirmation directly to the attendee calendar

Get a quick overview of room availability

Reduce the number of emails related to meeting schedule management


Centralize all your tasks and make a better follow-up to your meetings

Add, assign or edit your tasks directly in Beenote and sync to Google Tasks. Tasks update is bidirectional.

Add tasks directly to your calendar


Two-way synchronization


Receive email notification of a new task


Link your tasks to your meetings and files

Follow-up on tasks in observer mode

During your meeting, assign tasks in real time


Before and during the meeting, collaborate directly in your documents

Prepare your team and add your documents that are in Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slide) to your agenda. Then make your presentation while adding or modifying information.

Continue to use your work tools from the Google suite and use Beenote to structure your meetings, from agenda to minutes.

Share your files safely


Access your documents via the agenda

Find information quickly

Do your meetings, no matter where you are


Add real-time information

Work effectively with your team

Take a quick look at your calendar to see all your upcoming meetings

This integration is supported by Beenote.

If you need help or simply have questions about this integration, please contact us. You can also check out the Beenote Academy.

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