Use one calendar for a quick view of all your upcoming meetings!

Forget all these back and forth email to know the availability of all participants. All done on your Google Calendar.


Agenda synchronized directly to your calendar

Quick overview of room availability


All people called to the meeting have confirmation added to their calendar

Decrease of emails related to meeting schedule management

Planning according to the availability of participants


Notifications: Automatic Event Reminders

How to do the integration?

  1. Sign in to Beenote with Google. *
  2. Once in Beenote, go to Account Settings and then click Integrations. (top right corner)
  3. Click on Activate.

Your Google Calendar is now synchronized with Beenote.

When you create an agenda for a meeting, it is possible to: Do not link with your calendar, Create a new event in your calendar or Link to an existing event in your calendar.

* It is important to accept the conditions to have access to the integration.

A quick glance at all your meetings on the agenda.

Try the integration with Google Calendar.


Contact us

This integration is supported by Beenote. If you need help or have questions about this integration, do not hesitate to contact us.