Build your team in Beenote

Step #1: Create your organization

Step #2: Your team

This step was done when you registered for Beenote. You can change your organization’s information on the Configuration tab at any time if you are the account manager or administrator.

When you create your account, your first team is automatically created with the same name as your organization. We recommend that you invite all your teammates to this team and then create specific teams. Example: sales team #1, sales team #2, human resources team, etc.


Step #3: Invite teammates to join your team

Before you start your meetings, it is best to invite your teammates to join your team. You can then include them more quickly as partners or participants on your agenda.

3 buttons are available to send an invitation:

Top right corner of the App



Main Menu



In the team’s file



Your teammate will receive an email invitation to join your team. He will need to create an account and then, join your team and can collaborate at your next meetings.

In the team folder, you can manage the invitations and track them.


Step #4: Organize your meetings by file

In order to organize your meetings properly, you can classify them according to a specific file. For example, project folder #1, project #2, etc.

For each folder, you will be able to quickly see a tree structure of all your past meetings. You will have access to the list of tasks and decisions related to this file as well as the agenda and minutes for each meeting.

You are ready to hold your first meeting


Get started quickly

Follow these steps to get started easily with Beenote (videos)