Integrations: Sending emails / Integration to your calendar

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  • Sending Emails/Integration to your Corporate Calendar
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First of all, Beenote integrates into your corporate agenda, whether it’s Gmail, Outlook or whatever because it handles ics (calendar) files well. When planning a meeting, the last step is to send the invitation emails to the participants on the agenda. Don’t forget to check the email’s box, because this is the method required to update the guest calendars!

The invitation email contains all the relevant information to hold the meeting: date, room, address, guests, agenda… It also contains a URL link to directly access to the Beenote meeting.

In themselves, emails are already helpful memos. But it’s easy to lose them through a number of emails you get every day. Therefore, Beenote inserts an “ics” file in each email containing the information required to integrate with your calendar. For many email managers, such as Gmail, integration is automatic. For others, you just have to click on the “Add to calendar” button.

Once integrate to your calendar, you will be able to confirm your presence with the participation buttons (yes/no/maybe). The meeting organizer will automatically be informed of your decision by the participation status management. Some emails managers even allow you to indicate your decision directly from the email.

Calendar integration is particularly effective! By adjusting the Beenote meeting notification settings, you will receive a notification, in advance, at the time that suits you. Gone are the forgotten meetings! The entry in the calendar even contains the URL link to directly connect to the meeting in Beenote. You can’t be there? You are just one click away from the meeting. It couldn’t be easier!

What if a meeting is moved or deleted? No problem. Sending emails when you make changes will ensure synchronization of your calendar information.