Integrations: Antidote

To get started using Antidote’s integration with Beenote, you must have a Beeteam or Beeboard account and use Firefox or Chrome browsers. If you have a previous edition of Antidote, upgrade it to Antidote 9. And if you do not have Antidote yet, purchase it right away.


The Antidote integration manifests itself in two ways in the interface of Beenote: 1) by the appearance of the Antidote toolbar at the top of the page and 2) by the appearance of the small iconic Antidote flask in each text boxes.

2 icons


When you would use the Antidote features, determine the place to check the spelling and then, click on one of these icons and the corrector will activate. You will have access to all the features you like.

To call the Antidote dictionaries, select a word and click on the green book. Just click on the orange book to call the language guides. To launch the corrector, select the text you want to submit to Antidote and click on the hook or the flask.

Spelling Mistake Antidote


Using Antidote

Google Chrome or Firefox.