Organize a Meeting: Invite Teammates

During the meeting planning, an agenda section is intended to indicate the person to invite, according to their role in the meeting. The interface is very user-friendly: type the beginning or any part of the name of the desired person and a list of choices is offered to you. Avatars allow you to quickly located desired people.

meeting roles

At the end of the meeting planning, all these people will receive an invitation by email. This email contains two important items. First, a link to the Beenote meeting. At meeting time, guests will only have to click on the link to instantly “be” in the meeting. They will be able to access the meeting via their Beespace.

The second item in the email is an electronic invitation that will be used to update the guest’s electronic calendar if needed.

Don’t forget: to send an email invitation, you have to check the corresponding box at the end of planning:

invitation email

Electronic invitations: since emails are used to integrate the Beenote meetings into the guest calendars, you must always send an email when a meeting schedule is changed. This, keep the calendar synchronized with meetings scheduled in Beenote. In addition, guests will receive an email to notify them of the change. No more people will come at the wrong time or in the wrong place. Thanks to Beenote, they will be notified.


Meetings Attendance Management

Anytime at the meeting, you can display the attendance page by clicking on the button.


Then you will be able to adjust the list of people who attend the meeting by adding those that were not invited during the initial planning. You can also indicate if people were present or not. You will even see if people have connected to the meeting in Beenote.

A suggestion: don’t remove the absent person from the list because this list indicates the presences and absences in the minutes.

When the meeting is over, the attendance page is automatically displayed, to remind you to validate the attendance.


Invite teammates… to join you in Beenote

Of course, it’s possible to invite colleagues who do not have a Beenote account. It’s a specific role in the agenda planning.

On the other hand, to get the maximum benefit from the Beenote solution, it’s better to have your colleagues registered. It’s very easy to invite your colleagues to join you in Beenote.

Simply click on the small add teammate icon in the right corner and after, add your co-worker or guest email.


You can also find this icon in the team’s folders:

beenote-add-teammates-inviteYour co-worker or guest will receive an invitation email to join your team. First, they must create an account. Then they can join your meetings.