Organize a Meeting : Meeting Roles and Rights


For an efficient meeting, each person needs to understand why they are attending the meeting and what their role will be. Beenote allows you to assign different roles:

Leader: The leader is the moderator of the meeting. He is responsible for the proper execution of the meeting, notably managing the succession of subjects, ensuring that the discussions remain relevant to the current topic and validating that the time assigned to each subject is respected. Usually the leader schedules the meeting, starts it and then produces the minutes. He may also take notes, but this is more a task for partners so that he can focus on the smooth running of the meeting.

Partners: Partners can access the same features as the leader but their role in the meeting is different. Partners assist the leader in the meeting execution. They should take notes so that the leader can focus on the holding of the meeting. Leader and partners are a team to get an effective meeting.

Participants: Participants will attend the meeting and will be able to read the minutes later.

Guests: Guests also attend the meeting. These are people who are not registered in Beenote but must have access to the meeting and the minutes for a limited time. (* 72h after the end of the meeting).


Meeting Roles 



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