A plan tailored to the needs of

your board, your committees and teams.

Beenote lets you manage your meetings for free, forever, with Beefree. If you need more features specifically tailored to your needs, Beenote has the right plan for you based on the size of your team.

Beeboard is the governance meeting management solution for your board and committees. Build your own custom plan!

  • Great for meeting with
    1 to 5 participants

  • Perfect for teams of any size

  • Design for board
    and committees



Beenote plans are suitable for teams of any size

Choose your BEENOTE plan in USD

Beenote 50

50 licenses
50 licenses

Beenote 30

30 licenses
30 licenses

Beenote 20

20 licenses
20 licenses

Beenote 10

10 licenses
10 licenses


1 license
1 license

Do you have a bigger team?

Contact us! We will be pleased to offer you a plan adapted to your needs.

I have received the minutes of the meeting done by your application, Beenote. Thank you very much for this efficient, well-thought-out and well-structured tool, as it is not only designed to save users valuable time, it also makes reading more enjoyable and interesting.

Noella Anderson

Administrative Assistant for Exercise Improvement, College of Medical Imaging, Radiation Oncology and Medical Electrophysiology Technologists of Quebec

All plans included these features


Up-to-date Security


Unlimited Meetings

Beenote APP

Technical Support by email

Audio Recording

Synchronization to your Corporate Calendar


How exactly does pricing work?

You will pay at the beginning of the usage period. The Beenote plan works by license block purchase (10-20-30 or 50) or per user. If you want more users, do not hesitate to contact us at .

If for any reason you decide to stop using the Beenote plan and you pay by billing, you must notify us 1 month (30 days) in advance. If you pay by credit card, you have until the day before your payment to cancel.

What type of payment do you accept for Beenote?

We accept the main credit cards on the market: Visa & MasterCard.


I want to add users to my organization. How will I be billed?

Once you have reached the maximum number of users that your license allows, you have 2 options: by credit card, you add the number of users you want or you pay for a set of licenses (10-20 -30 or 50).

In the case of monthly invoicing, the amount will be added to the invoice at the next billing. If your account is annual, you will receive an immediate invoice to pay by credit card. In both cases, the amount invoiced will be prorated over the period.

By billing, we suggest you get in touch with us, we will take look at your needs with you. Just write to the following email: .

Is your payment process secured?

This transaction is based on strict condition and complies with all PCI conditions. Beenote offers all the security you are looking for with a reliable partner.

PCI compliant

I would like to receive an invoice, is it possible?

Yes, for 50 users and more. Only annual billing is accepted and payment must be collected before the account will be functional.

Can I have Beenote and Beeboard licenses?

Yes. Our solution allows you to associate users with Beeboard licenses and others with Beenote.

Can I invite participants to my meetings without paying for them?

Yes. It is possible to invite people to a meeting who are not registered users of Beenote. They will be able to view the agenda, have access to the Beenote application in the meeting and view the minutes for 72 hours after the scheduled end of the meeting.

I represent a non-profit organization or a school, can I get a discount?

It is possible to have access to a 30% discount for any organization that provides the necessary documents: the organization’s charter, its website and some other information. Just write to the following email: .

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