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and follow your meetings

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The only tool to make your meetings, a team’s success.

 Meetings are useful and essential to the organization. They forge team spirit, collaboration, generate new ideas and solve important problems.
We take charge of planning, execution and action follow-up and you, the control of your meetings from beginning to the end.


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Plan Your Meeting Agenda Effectively

For a planned meeting, determined in advance a clear agenda including:

  • Topics
  • Person in charge
  • Objective
  • Participant’s roles
  • Each subject length

When your agenda is written, inform your teammates of the meeting content by email, so they can be well prepared.

You can even collaborate on agenda drafting for a successful meeting!

Your Checklist: Record Your Conversations

Remember important moments from your team discussion by recording it integrally or partially. During your meeting, document your action items and decisions with the audio recording.

Voice recording offers you the efficiency to document as well as to facilitate the writing of the minutes.

Share Your Minutes of Meeting Quickly

Save time by automatically generate easily printable minutes. You’ll be able to send it by email to your teammates.

The multiple configurations allow a customized layout of the minutes in a format that will meet your needs.

The writing of the minutes can also be done in collaboration with other members of your team.

All of the organization’s minutes are available in one place to facilitate your research.

Watch this short video to see how Beenote is easy to use

Introduce Beenote to your colleagues.

Overview of Beenote benefits and its main features.

Tasks Manager: Follow the Team Tasks Progress

Anytime in your work, especially after a meeting, knowing, following and accomplishing tasks are important steps in order to properly carry out your team projects.

The Beespace is your private workspace to manage all tasks in one place: create, assign, send by e-mail and follow your tasks and those of your team, which will enable you to achieve the efficiency sought after.

Beenote is your task manager that notifies you when a task is due.

Plan Your Meeting Schedules Without Any Hassle

Forget the round trips of emails to validate a meeting time and date, all this can be done directly in your corporate calendar.

You will even be notified of your upcoming meetings and tasks.

Organize your first meeting! It’s FREE, forever.

A last minute meeting?

No problem.

Download our Beenote app to hold your meetings whenever or wherever you want.

Automatic synchronization of the app to the web.

You can even hold a walking meeting with the app! 

Finally, meetings will end in time!

Respect the set time of your meetings using the timekeeper.

Each subject is defined by a specific time determined in the agenda drafting.

The Meeting Timekeeper allows you to know if you are on time or not.

Real-Time Collaboration

Virtual meetings are frequent. It can happen that one or many persons can’t be in the same room.

Combined or not with your video conferencing software, Beenote allows you to share in real-time:

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Notes
  • Important documents
  • Decisions taken
  • Tasks assigned
  • Minutes of meeting

More Features You’ll Love

Printing & Sharing

Your agenda and minutes of meeting are available in PDF format.



Take your notes in the application. You’ll keep a written trace of important points. No need to transcribe!

Private Minutes of Meeting

If desired, the minutes of meetings can be private to the members of the same organization.


Attendance Management

Keep track of meeting attendance.


Add a URL, attach a document, an image to your agenda, minutes or tasks.


Guest can consult the agenda and assist to the meeting in real time.

Beespace : Your Workspace

Gathers all your meetings of the day, upcoming meetings, your tasks and your personal notes.


Reports on different meeting data: overall meetings, tasks, and attendance.

Decisions Registry

Each decision can be put forward and adequately followed.

Recurrent Meeting

Duplicate a previous agenda to facilitate the process for your next meeting.

Simplified Invitations

To simplify your work, invitations will automatically be added to your calendar.


Advanced Search

You can easily search by folder, team, note, task, meeting or keyword.

Organize your first meeting! It’s FREE, forever.