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New: Online technical support

We have added instant messaging to the Beenote app to assist you throughout the meeting process. A question, an improvement has been proposed, Samuella will be happy to converse with you during the company’s business hours: 9am to 5pm (UTC-5) Monday to Friday

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New: Quorum 

Whether for a board, an assembly or any structured meeting based on legislation, we have improved the approval process by adding a quorum when approving the agenda.


Check out the Beenote Academy: Quorum >

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Improvement of the agenda

For better planning of your time, the approximate start time of the topics is displayed when editing your agenda and also when editing in the Draft mode and the final version of the agenda. (Confirmed)









TIPS: This addition may allow people who are invited to a particular topic to have a better idea of the time they will be able to attend the meeting.

Improvement of the minutes of meeting

It is now possible to know the planned time of a subject and the actual duration it lasted in order to be covered. 






TIPS: Eventually, you will be able to plan more effectively the time your discussions will last. This feature is also reflected in meeting statistics.  

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