The mobile application is a complement to our web application. Designed specifically to accompany you at any time and place, your meetings will be automatically synchronized with the web application.

Are you meeting 1 on 1 or in a small group? Stand up and have a walking meeting. Walking brings many benefits in the workplace and it’s good for your health!

Use the Beenote mobile application to make it easier. Start a meeting quickly and determine the agenda. Record on-demand hot topics of your discussions or items you want to keep track of. You can even take pictures and add them instantly.

Beenote, when wellness meets efficiency.

Mobile Application Features

Walking meetings: You care about your health? Take advantage of it to go outdoors with your teammates or walk inside your offices by taking away Beenote with you.

Task Managers: The Beespace is your privileged workspace to establish, distribute by e-mail and follow your tasks and those of your team, which will enable you to achieve the sought after.

Insert photos and documents: Insert important photos or documents to add value to your meetings.

Synchronization and web complement: Make your meetings anywhere, they will be automatically updated with the web application.

Instant Meeting: Use the Beenote application to hold an unplanned meeting. You will be able to set the agenda and take notes at the moment.

Audio Recording: If required, record all or part of your meetings to keep a voice trace of them.

Vocal Tasks: By using the Voice Recognition option on your phone, you can dictate your voice tasks and save valuable minutes.

Available on IPHONE-IPAD-IPOD-ANDROID (soon)


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