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The Comnet Technologie team is proud to announce the official release v.1.2 of Beenote which offers you a lot of new features including two major features:

  • The ability to add your personal notes to meetings and off-site meetings.
  • The production in PDF format of your agenda and minutes.


The official release of Beenote is still FREE, forever.

Want more flexibility with Beenote?
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Premium Plan Included:

  • Unlimited users and teams
  • Evolved Minutes
  • Public and Private Minutes
  • Corporate Logo Customization
  • Administration Functions
  • Storage of 1go/user
    and more!

Personal notes allow you to:


  • Quickly note a question, a comment, or an information.
  • Anytime you will have access to your personal notes in your Beespace.
  • Quick and easy research topics; no need to look in a bunch of papers.
  • Saves time in post-meeting; you will no longer need to transcribe your own notes.
  • Be more productive: you will avoid problems resulting from incomplete, incorrect or incomprehensible notes.
  • Use only one software for all meeting tasks.


> To improve your expertise in taking notes with Beenote, we suggest you visit the Beenote Academy.


Article that might interest you: 7 steps to take good meeting notes

PDF format:

  • View agenda and minutes in PDF format
  • Send your agenda and report by email to your teammates
  • Print your documents
  • Effective way to inform your guests of the meeting contents

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