Pricing Plan for Your Board, Committees and Teams

Beenote offers you Beefree, its free version, forever.

However, if you need more, Beeteam offers the opportunity to make your team even more efficient.

Beeboard is the governance meetings management solution for board and committees.

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* Prices may vary depending on purchase volume and current exchange rate. Prices are based on 21 users and more. The minimum number of users required for the Beeteam Plan is 3.

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Can I use for free Beenote?

Yes and forever. We are proud to offer Beefree, the free version of Beenote. No credit card necessary. Create your account now and voila!.

What are the features included in Beeteam Plan – 14-day free trial?

All of the features mentioned above are available. You only need to enter your credit card information. No amount will be charged to your credit card within 14 days of this free trial. You will benefit all our integrations during this period, without limits.

How exactly does pricing work?

You will be charged for the month to come. If for any reason, you decide to stop using Beenote, you must notify us 1 month in advance if you pay by billing. If you pay by credit card, you have until the day before your payment.

Once you have reached the maximum number of users, you have 2 options: you move up to the next plan or you can reach us at  We will take a glance at your needs.

Can I have Beeteam and Beeboard licenses?

Yes. Our Beenote solution allows you to associate users with Beeboard licenses and others with Beeteam.

What are the benefits of Beeboard?

Beeboard licenses allow a secure and complete partitioning of teams, meetings, and documents of any other member who is not part of the team or meeting.

Can i have a rebate?

Effectively. When you pay on an annual basis, you receive a 15% discount, which is two months free on the charged amount monthly. In addition, we offer volume discounts up to 35%.

Can I invite participants to my meetings without paying for them?

Yes. It is possible to invite people to a meeting who are not registered users of Beenote. They will be able to access the application during the meeting holding and for 72 hours after the end of the meeting.

What type of payment do you accept for Beenote?

We accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, American Express and JCB.

I would like to receive an invoice, is it possible?

Yes, for 50 users and more. Only annual billing is accepted and payment must be collected before the account will be functional.

I want to add users to my organization. How will I be billed?

If you pay per month, the new member will be added to your next monthly payment. If paid annually, you will receive an immediate invoice to pay by credit card. In both cases, the amount invoiced will be prorated for the period.

Is your payment process secured?

This transaction is based on strict condition and complies with all PCI conditions. Beenote offers all the security you are looking for with a reliable partner.

I represent a non-profit organization or a school, can I get a discount?

Discount is possible if you run a non-profit or a school. You just need to send some information to  such as the organization chart, directors, web site and other informations.

Everything you need to hold your meetings.

All plans included:


Up-to-date Security

Beespace: Your workspace


Email Technical Support

Audio Recording

Synchronization to your Calendar

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