What’s new

• It is now possible to joint or remove files (topics, tasks, notes or decisions) during planning, holding and review of the meeting.
• Files from tasks can be added or removed from Beespace or from the tasks register.
• Topic’s files can be replaced during the planning in an ongoing meeting.


• Filters has been added to the Beespace to view meetings for the day, next day or the next seven days.
• Improved performance for iOS devices from past generations
• Automatic recording is now possible with the IE11 browser.
• Search is extended to meeting’s topics.
• Clarification and highlighting of the displayed message when the browser is not supported by Beenote.

Fixed Issues

• Standby on a device could lock the meeting when it’s done.
• 12/24H time format was reset to the selected language.
• Records could not be read in reports.
• It was possible to assign a task to someone outside the organization.
• Automatic recording could corrupt the meeting if it was controlled by two users.
• The Folder field was empty in planning instead of proposing the last folder used.
• Continuous improvement of text display and alignment and icons for a more enjoyable visual experience.
• Minors problems correction.

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