What’s new

• Notes taking is no longer done simultaneously to avoid conflicts during the meeting.
• Visual indicator of the user taking notes in the current meeting.
• Audio recording available in tasks, notes and decisions.
• Delete a topic is now possible in the report preparation.


• Search has been improved and returns the allowed results according to the user rights.
• Accelerate subject change with audio recording during the meeting.
• Error message clarification in case of unavailable microphone.

Fixed Issues

• Users deleted from the organization appeared in duplicate meetings.
• Uninvited users will be denied access to the meeting minutes.
• It was impossible to delete users from organization.
• It was possible to delete ourself.
• IOS mobile devices prevented adding two pictures in a topic or note.
• Denying Flash recording caused browsing problems.
• Audio recording in a subject with a sub-note did not follow the subject when moving to the meeting.
• Continuous improvement of text and icons display and alignment for a more enjoyable visual experience.
• Minors problems correction.

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