• Team members now receive an email notifying them that a user wishes to join the team.
• Users receive an email to inform them that their demand to join a team has been accepted or declined.
• It is now possible, as a team member, to remove a teammate for the team.
• Available storage space for an organization shows in the menu.
• From now on, users can close their Beenote account by themselves.
• Added a “Contact Us” button in the user’s menu.



• It is now possible to delete a meeting if it is in minute preparation by another user.
• It is possible to modify an upcoming meeting directly via the Beespace.
• A suppression confirmation of the various items composing the added meeting.
• During a meeting, the next topic is automatically open to facilitate note taking and follow up of the meeting by the others participants.


Fixed Issues

• Text from the button RESET PASSWORD was incomplete on the small displays.
• A bee was displayed during the note taking instead of the user avatar.
• A horizontal scroll bar was displayed at the bottom of the menu.
• Date and time selector provoked the closure of the associated task during the selection.
• Certain windows was floating in an IOS environment.
• It was possible to define the same user as responsible as well as delegate in a task.

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