What’s new

• Complete redesign of the Beenote’s interface.
• New colors, new icons and buttons movements for better ergonomics.
• Every effort has been made to make the Beenote experience even more user-friendly, efficient and intuitive.


• Labels have been temporarily removed for future use.
• Translation of some messages and warnings that were only in English.
• The online help has been updated to reflect changes in the interface.
• In reports preparation, the logic of inserting new notes has been improved.
• Improved compatibility with IE10

Fixed Issues

• Automatic recording icon appeared on Safari IOS while this feature is not available.
• Forced refresh of the application when changing version to avoid display problems caused by cached files and images.
• The order of points of a list in a subject could be corrupted by moving them.
• During the meeting, the navigation bar could be displayed by clicking on “previous page” from a meeting report.
• The role of the participants was lost in the meeting’s minute preparation.
• New profile picture was not displayed after changing it.

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