• The agenda and minutes are now available in PDF format. Consequently, the interface has been modified to allow saving them and/or sending them by e-mail.
• Personal note taking is now possible during and outside meetings. They are searchable and editable from anywhere in Beenote.
• Possibility to reset a meeting started by mistake.
• Possibility to unpublish a meeting.
• Payment implementation by organization.


• Design modification: new icons and ergonomics improvement.
• Added the date until the link to Beenote, via an invitation email or minutes, is valid for a guest outside the organization.
• The online help has been updated to incorporate the new features of Beenote.

Fixed Issues

• It was possible to delete all team files.
• It was no longer possible to move a scheduled meeting in time.
• A meeting with no agenda could not be duplicated.
• It was possible to create a meeting without being part of a team.
• It was no longer possible to create new customers in billing.

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