• Microsoft Office 365 Add-in for Calendar
  • Reports and Statistics: Open Tasks, Tasks, Meetings, and Meetings Assistance
  • Sign in with Google and Microsoft
  • At publishing, public or private minutes
  • In folders, the default meeting length
  • Time adjustment at the agenda publishing
  • Time adjustment according to the points entered
  • Ability to remove a team
  • The super admin can accept, reject or exclude anyone, from any team.
  • Transfer a file to another team
  • Print the meeting “Preview” or review.


  • Print from a PDF to replace the HTML Print.
  • For super-admin, notification display on “More teams” to indicate the pending requests number.
  • “More info” changes in the planning section.

Fixed Issues

  • Continually, we are working on the Beenote improvement to offer you a better product.

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