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They’re almost there, the vacations you planned for months. Just a few more days to go and you will be completely free! No more worries! No more traffic!

But how can you make sure to enjoy your vacations and not always think about work?


Plan your departure

To go on vacation with peace of mind, make sure to plan your departure. Don’t leave any outstanding tasks, otherwise, you will be tempted to think about them when you should rather enjoy your pool. Make sure to finish all your tasks before you leave the office. You don’t want to think about Excel tables on the beach!

If someone has to take care of your work during your absence, leave him all the information so that he can accomplish your tasks as efficiently as possible. This way, you won’t be disturbed during your vacations. You’ll be ready to enjoy your patio while drinking good sangria.


Inform people of your absence

Make sure to write an auto-reply email to inform people of your absence. Don’t forget to mention the person to contact in case of an emergency. You don’t want to receive a phone call during your vacation.

We also suggest you not to write your absence email only 2 minutes before leaving the office for 3 weeks. It’s really easy to forget a procedure to implement a feature that you don’t use very often! Check how to do and make sure not to leave some mistakes.


Turn off your notifications

With technology, it becomes more and more difficult to disconnect from work. However, we strongly suggest you to avoid checking your email every hour just to make sure you don’t miss anything important. Don’t ruin all your efforts for a simple email that can wait.

If you receive your work emails on your smartphone, turn off your connexion or remove alerts! You’ll certainly enjoy your vacations a lot more!

You’re now ready to enjoy your vacations!

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