Do you have a meeting?

Take the opportunity to walk.

Better, have a walking meeting!

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Have a walking meeting with the Beenote app, only benefits for you!

Studies show that sitting for a long period of time can be harmful to your health and wellness. You must stay active throughout the day to stay healthy. This does not mean being constantly in action when you work, but having time to move. That is why we favor a walking meeting which promotes physical activity at work. With Beenote, join the useful to the pleasant.

Record important moment

Use Beenote to properly document your walking meeting and have a record of what was discussed.

More effective than a traditional meeting

Walking meeting increase productivity improves time management and helps you to be more focused on your work.

It’s good for your health

Walking reduces stress, the risk of diabetes, colon, and breast cancer as well as heart disease.

Take the opportunity to walk

Some seated meetings can easily be converted into walking meeting.

Wellness at work

Practicing regular physical activity engages you in healthy lifestyle habits.


Enjoying going to meetings

Walking meetings no longer gives the impression of wasting time in meetings.

No fitness room or specialized office needed. Go out and have a walk when the weather allows it or inside your building.

Organize your first meeting. It’s FREE, forever.

The benefits of making walking meetings a common practice.

Better communication

When you feel happy, energized and engaged, discussions are better.

Stimulate creativity

Active people are inspired by new ideas because they are stimulated by their visual and auditory environment.

Facilitate decision-making

A different environment can lead to more options to consider and helps to find solutions.

Develop team spirits

Walking develops and strengthens interpersonal relationships and teamwork. People are more socially comfortable and spontaneous when they move.

Improve efficiency at work

Increase productivity, improve time management, mental performance, ability to meet deadlines and more focused on work.

Reduces hierarchical distinctions

Walking side by side reduces hierarchical and status distinctions and puts people at ease. Communication is easier and topics are closed more quickly.

Those attending walking meetings say that:


Increase creativity

According to Stanford University


Higher level of commitment

According to Kaiser Permanente

Moving to a minimum of 15 minutes a day burns 56 calories and increases your life expectancy by 3 years.

Main features of Beenote App



Tasks Manager

Plan, hold and follow-up team and personal tasks


Vocal Tasks

Take vocal notes. You will have a record of the important points.


Unplanned Meeting

Start a meeting when desired, regardless of location.

Photos and attached files

On each subject, you can attach a photo or document immediately.

Audio Recording

Record all or part of your meetings.

Synchronization and web complement

Your meetings automatically synchronize. The mobile app is a web complement.

Have your meetings outside of your office.

Download Beenote App FOR FREE and go for a walk. Quite simply.

Automatic synchronization of the app to the web.

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Organize your first meeting. It’s FREE, forever.