Work from home as a team on your meeting documents

Beenote is a collaborative tool that allows you to structure your meeting agenda, collaborate on notes in real-time or quickly write your minutes.

Beenote’s strength: documenting your online meetings.


During the videoconference, document the most important part, your meeting

Beenote is the perfect complement to your videoconferences by making it possible to document and keep an audio and written record of your meetings.

Keep the information in the same place.

Keep a written/audio record of decisions.


Search through all your documents.

Secure the exchange of confidential files.


Centralize your documents in a shared space.


Give back valuable time to your team members

Use a personalized agenda template to give your team a clear structure. By using a precise and recurring work plan, you will have fewer but better meetings.

Organize teleworking in teams.


Reduce the time spent on writing.

Specify roles: leader, manager, note taker.

Automate your processes.


Organize your projects by folder, by team.

Beenote can be used simultaneously with your favorite video conferencing tool


Work together from home

Meetings are more important in telecommuting because they allow you to stay up-to-date on the progress of projects and keep track of tasks. Beenote allows you to collaborate on writing documents and taking collaborative notes during your remote meetings.

Facilitate collaborative teleworking.


Manage day-to-day tasks.

Work together on your documents.


Collaborate on notes in real time.

Record your meetings; perfect for absentees.

Beenote works with us before, during and after the meetings. We are better structured and the minutes of meeting does provide an overview of all the decisions we made. For each task assigned during our meetings, there is a person in charge: what better way to be effective!

Annick Breton, CPA, CGA

Senior Director - Canadian Taxation, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Document your online meetings now!