How Facebook run their meetings? Tips that actually work

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Teamwork, Best Meeting Practices

Last Updated on 18 May 2021

We like to learn about the practices of established companies and the great leaders of this world. Our curiosity drives us to want to know what helps them get to the top and achieve their goals. It’s both inspiring and motivating.

Facebook’s founding president, Mark Zuckerberg, improved the process of organizing meetings within his company to make them more efficient. At least that’s what Sheryl Sandberg, Zuckerberg’s right-hand man at Facebook, said when answering a question on the Quora platform.

#1: Better Meeting Planning

Two main changes have taken place at Facebook. First, Zuckerberg asked employees to send the necessary documents to other participants before the start of a meeting. These documents obviously include the meeting agenda. This way, they can prepare properly and avoid wasting time.

#2: Clearer Objectives

The second improvement proposed by Zuckerberg is to specify the objectives of a meeting. Employees should ask themselves, before meeting, whether they are meeting to make a decision or whether they wish to discuss instead. They need to clearly define the purpose of the meeting.

More Effective Meetings

Both approaches not only make meetings more efficient but also facilitate decision-making. In the overwhelming majority of meetings, decisions must be made. These have a definitive impact on the progress of a project and its results. What happens when we make a decision without having enough information to fully understand it? We make decisions based on our instincts, yet history has taught us that he is not always our best advisor.

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It was with this vision in mind that Beenote was created. First of all, with a view to making an agenda accessible to all the stakeholders of a meeting that clearly indicates the objectives to be achieved, in addition to offering a platform that makes available all the documents necessary for the proper preparation of participants.

THE Greatest Technique

Zuckerberg’s techniques can certainly help you in improving your meetings. If you want to push further in the similarity, you could try the walking meetings of which Zuckerberg is a great fan. However, the best tip, the best technique, is to find solutions that fit your team and your work environment.

Get inspired by the best practices, test them, adapt them. Also, take care to seek advice from your team; they can certainly point you in the right direction. Using software like Beenote, which automates several steps in the organization of meetings, can also make your work much easier.

Do you plan to implement these ways of doing better meetings in your business?


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