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Beenote, for efficient and well-documented meetings


Free up to 14 hours per month in your agenda.​ Finally more time for other tasks!


Prepare an agenda in a collaborative mode with a predefined or customized template.


Complete your projects quickly by having a follow-up of the team’s decision, tasks and actions.


When you work from home, use Beenote to structure and document your online meetings.

Your time is important, so use it effectively


Organize a clear and structured agenda

Collaborate on writing the agenda in order to cut down on the back and forth emails. All participants will have access to the agenda in Beenote so that they are well prepared for the meeting.


Write the minutes quickly

Write down your collaborative notes, decisions and tasks during your meeting and they will automatically be added to the minutes. Then share your minutes. That’s it!


Hold your meeting on schedule

By respecting the agenda, you will have meetings that end on time using timekeeper that shows you the time by subject and the overall time of the meeting.


Keep track of team tasks and decisions

During your board, committee or team meeting, assign tasks to your teammates and follow up afterwards.

Integrated into the tools you use. More efficient meetings, always!

Correct spelling mistakes directly in your agenda/minutes using Antidote or quickly schedule meetings in your work environment (Microsoft 365, Teams or Google Workspace)

Our integrations are made to simplify your tasks at all times!

"Main gain for me it’s been the ability to send out an agenda for meetings with one link and that link automatically put the meeting calendar and automatically gives them the Zoom detail to join the meeting and they can just click on it from the agenda."

Jo Jenks
General Manager of GDI


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Directors, project managers and board members use Beenote to structure their meetings

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For all types of meetings

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