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Move your meetings forward efficiently and securely


Use only one tool for the entire meeting management process.


Be better prepared by completing the agenda in advance in a collaborative way.


Plan the agenda, invite participants and start the meeting in less than 20 seconds.


Carry out your projects efficiently by monitoring the team’s tasks and actions.



Beenote is the center of meetings

Beenote web application integrates as much as possible with the corporate tools used in workplaces, to make meeting management far more fluid and efficient. Beenote is the best solution ever to document the meeting process, from agenda to minutes for any type of team.

Meetings are the center of the operations and Beenote is the center of the meeting. Beenote is the only tool that makes it possible to document each meeting in all its stages, from planning to action follow-up, and to establish an active collaboration of the participants with its 4.0 integrations.


The strength of a single tool for all meetings

Beenote is a collaborative governance tool for managing and documenting meetings. Beenote is intended for the board of directors and executive committees as well as teams.

The Board and committees nurture teams through the outcomes of their meetings and vice versa. It is therefore everyone’s business in the organization, in the pursuit of achieving objectives.

Beenote is available to all teams while Beeboard is private to the team. They work very well together to serve all levels of the organization.

Organizations use Beenote to optimize their business objectives


Time saved in preparation of the collaborative agenda


Time saved in writing the minutes


Thanks to task follow-up, meeting objectives are successfully achieved


Multi-site collaboration in real-time

Beenote is the tool of choice for multi-site meetings. Whether or not combined with your preferred video conferencing tool, you can document your remote meetings in real-time.

Beenote allows you to share in real-time:

  • the agenda
  • collaborative notes
  • important documents
  • the minutes of meeting
  • the tasks to follow
  • decisions


The security of your documents, a priority for us

With more than 20 years of experience in secure solutions for courts, the creators of Beenote know and understand the importance you place on safety.

* These certifications are in conformity and have been awarded to their holders by the appropriate authorities.


An accessible cloud-based application, no matter where we are or where the participants are. The minutes, generated automatically by the application, is well structured and the topics covered are easy to identify.

Nancy St-Pierre, B.A.A., M.Sc.
Business Development Director, Desjardins Enterprise

An award-winning application

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