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Board Meeting Management Solution Ideal for Childcare Centers (CPE)

As a Childcare Center manager, are you wondering how to maximize your governance in a simple and effective way for your board? It’s simple, Beenote’s premium solution, Beeboard will help you throughout the whole process.

Easy to use, simple to integrate, and accessible to all, Beeboard is the best solution to propel your CPE towards a simplified and centralized digital governance.

Over 10,000 organizations in 105 countries trust us to improve their meetings

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Better governance for your CPE’s Board of Directors

Applying good practices by using a board meeting management tool like Beeboard will allow you to:

  • Ensure proper management of services, programs, and resources
  • Define policies and set clear goals
  • Adopt your educational program

With our voting feature, your board’s decision-making will be instantly simplified.

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Centralize your documentation in one place

Quickly find information, decisions, or votes related to your Board of Directors with the advanced search through your minutes’ directory.

The virtual library allows you to deposit your administrator’s guide and your society book for quick and secure access. All members’ documentation including parents’ documents can be reconciled in one place!

The resolution register allows you to have a documented legal governance and to justify your decisions.

Good governance starts with good meeting management practices


Save time in the whole process of your meetings

As a manager of Childcare Center, you probably must spend a lot of time before and after your meetings. Beeboard reduces the workload of managing your board of directors.

Beeboard provides you a pre-established structure of customizable agenda templates and notifies you of pending tasks. But most importantly, when your meeting is over, the minutes are almost completed using collaborative notes in real-time or in private secretary mode.



Digitize your board of directors

The implementation of a meeting management solution allows you to digitize your in-person, online, or hybrid meetings.

Beeboard is used in conjunction with the Microsoft Team video conferencing tool to hold your meetings online in order to document them and optimize your operational functioning.

Integrations with your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 calendar allow you to keep your corporate tools.

Isabelle Ducharme

Before I was sending emails, Google Drive or Dropbox links, etc. to make sure to share as much information as possible with a Board of 9 people. Documents spread out on the left and on the right. With Beeboard, the management of the board is all in one place.

Board members simply open Beeboard and they will find everything they need to run their board (documents, tasks, agenda, calendar, etc.). This has made life easier for each board member and for me as a manager. It has also improved the knowledge transfer and governance of the organization.

Isabelle Ducharme
Formely, General Manager, Fédération de natation du Québec
Now, General Manager, Sport Québec


Key Features of the Beeboard Solution

(in addition to those of Beenote)

Integration with Google, Microsoft 365 and Teams

processus approbation

Approval process for the agenda and minutes

registre sujets, decisions, taches

Register of topics, tasks, decisions and resolutions

adoption procès-verbal

Approval of previous minutes

Notes personnelles

Personal note-taking & Secretary Mode

Access logging

répertoire procès-verbaux

Directory of minutes

bibliothèque privée

Library and private records

vote decision

Face-to-face and Advance Voting

minutes signature

Digital Signature of the Minutes

Beenote was named one of the best board management software of 2021 by

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Beeboard is changing the world of boards of directors